February 23rd, 2004: Please, sign my Guestbook! :)

Wow! Long time no see, huh? I gather some people still come here and I thank them deeply. I'm trying to get back to the art world now that my baby is 9 months old, simply because only now life is giving me some break. As I said, I'm trying to. I wanted to do some many things, but I simply can't. I did, however, over the past few weeks, these new collages: DL's BD/Xmas gift, Val's BD/Xmas gift, Rike's Xmas gift, an Alias (my very first) and a collage that has nothing to do with anything, I called it Just Art. I don't really like the first 4, but, hey, they were done 1) with love and 2) after a LONG hiatus, so, please, be nice when you send me feedback. :)

I also did three more sets of brushes. They are not the greatest, but I was a bit inspired, so I did them. :) Hope you enjoy!


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